Something is using my data quick

Hi @bushmaster18,

I created this new forum topic to keep better track of your issue.

Is it ok if we take a look at your data usage? That might help us find any irregular usage and provide a recommendation.

Hi @bushmaster18,

I took a look at your account and noticed that to this date you have only used 98 GB out our your 100 GB.

I would recommend using the “usage” tab within your account to keep track of your monthly/daily usage.

Hi, @bushmaster18,

If you give us your consent we can check your usage and provide you with more details about that unexpected data consumption.

You have my consent to check my usage.

And also, the boot time is real slow, I only use the tv for streaming and I have a desktop that only gets used very little by me.
I moved up to 75/150 on the 16th of August and have already used around 50 gb of high speed internet. I watch tv at night and it’s usually about 2 hours of watching, give or take a little. This is becoming a real pain issue.

Hi @bushmaster18 ,

From what I can see, most of your usage is indeed concentrated on video streaming usage. You might benefit from our Data Saver Experiment. You can learn more on how to participate and what it is here: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!


Hi Leo. I filled out the form. What now?

Hi @bushmaster18 ,

The Data Saver feature is now active for your account!

I set your video download speed to 2.6 Mbps. You can run a video speed test on and check if that’s the speed you have now.

If you find any issues (e.g.: buffering, etc), please let us know. We can adjust the video speeds up to 4.5 Mbps if necessary.

If you use Amazon Prime, you’ll still have to adjust the video quality manually (we have been working on that, so that won’t be necessary in the future). To adjust the Prime video quality, please follow the instructions in this video: How To Adjust Streaming Quality On Amazon Prime Video - YouTube

Any feedback is very welcome. This is still experimental, so your comments can help us improve the feature. You can post any comments about the feature here - Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!



My download speed is 2.3 fyi.

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Hi @bushmaster18, that is very close to 2.6 Mbps. So it means your video speeds are being correctly shaped to that 2.6 limit we established (which should save you data).

Last night the picture froze in the middle of watching a movie, I had to reboot the tv to continue.
Also, I was getting a distorted picture off and on. It finally cured itself I guess.

Hi @bushmaster18,

What streaming platform were you using to watch your movie? If this issue persists we can raise your video streaming speed to 4.5 Mbps (which will save you less data but might help with the issues).

Hallmark Now has the problem.

Hi @bushmaster18 ,

I see from this other topic that your speeds were increased to 5.5 Mbps, and you reported having a better experience overall with the video quality and streaming.

Are you still having issues with this other app?



I have a lot of buffering going on all of a sudden. Seems to be on Prime more than others.

Hi @bushmaster18 ,

Your speeds seem good at our end at this time, is the buffering only present when streaming from Amazon Prime Video?

Did you manage to run a speed check on the device you were using when the buffering started?

Unfortunately Data Saver doesn’t affect Amazon Prime Video directly, so you can check if lowering the video quality manually reduces the buffering, like so:


I will check a few things and see If I can make any progress. Thank you

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