Slower speeds than Usual

My speeds since the repair as of yesterday Seem to be slower than before, Yes I know I am out of Data, The data was ate up quick cause of being removed from Data saver when I had a plan switch, But typically early morning and during the day before the peak hour I generally had great speeds, Average around 50mbs, Now noticing my speed is below double digits, Not sure if I got placed on a more congested server or what’s going on.

Hi @Mannyrue

Your results yesterday were around 50 Mbps as well!

But your data resets tomorrow so we’ll hopefully see much higher speeds.

I have replied to you on another post regarding this, so I’ll be closing this one so we don’t get ourselves confused with too many topics :wink:

For public knowledge,
Closing this topic as the poster’s original issue is being worked on: ViaSat Modem Blinking White - #37 by Nathalia.

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