Slow Upload Speed

My upload is mostly staying below 1 Mbps. It averages around 0.5 Mbps. Can you help with improving this? The download is fine.

Hi @tharley0905 ,

When you get a chance can you please use a laptop or Android phone to run a complete speed diagnosis using This will help us get a full reading on the speed situation and allow us to identify/rule out Wi-Fi issues.

You can find the instructions on how to run it here: How to run a complete speed diagnosis?


The house is hard wired and I have the WIFI turned off.

Hi @tharley0905,

Unfortunately it looks like your service area is more congested in the upload segment than the average. Congestion will be most noticeable during the afternoon and evening hours.

I would recommend switching to the new Unleashed plan, which often delivers better speeds in the upload compared to other plans, however due to the congestion situation in your area, the improvement might not be very significant.

You can switch into the Unleashed plan by calling our customer care line at 855-463-9333 or on the My Viasat app.