Slow speeds w/ Ethernet

I have my computer plugged in with the Ethernet cord and it’s still super slow! I am extremely unsatisfied. I work from home and can’t work with slow speeds. Can’t work at all after 730pm because it just deteriorates. We’ve only had the service for a month or so. It’s gone out completely a handful of times already but slow speeds seem to be a consistent daily headache. I did the speed test and it came back ping 818, jitter 332, down 0.1 and up 2.6.

Hi, @Newgerj33,

Thanks for your message.

I’ll send you a private message so you can confirm your account number. I could not find an account associated with the provided email.

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Got it, thanks, @Newgerj33.

I’ll check and let you know when I have feedback.

Hi, @Newgerj33,

I saw that you ran out of priority data on 30 September:

To investigate that issue, I can add you some extra data (free of charge), and, after that, you’d need to run some speed tests and send me the results, do you agree with that approach?

Another question: do you usually watch a considerable amount of video content? If so, I’d like to suggest you sign up for the Data Saver feature.

The Data Saver is a free experimental feature we’re working on and offering to some customers. Its goal is to decrease data usage caused by streaming apps.

You can learn more about it in this post: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

Hi @Newgerj33,

I was revisiting this topic and noticed that you upgraded to a plan with faster speeds and a bigger data allowance. So I just wanted to check in and see if the experience has improved with this new plan?

Like Anderson mentioned, our experimental Data Saver feature is a great way to economize on your data spending.

Finally, our Forum team is actively gathering feedback on our Office Hours add-on service and would appreciate any comments (positive or negative) you have about it. We are looking into any issues that arise to hopefully solve them for all our subscribers.