Slow speeds on 10/10/2023 Tuesday at 7pm

Hi @Edwardgutierrez88,

During the peak busy period (evening hours) is when speeds are most affected because of network congestion, especially when you are out of priority data. I’m not sure about exactly 1 Mbps but I do think your speeds can be around 5 Mbps at these times.

These are the speeds I see at the moment:

To confirm that the root cause of your slow speeds is the lack of priority data I went ahead and added an extra 30 GBs to your account. I’m making sure that this data is free-of-charge, so please ignore any emails that say you purchased it.

When you get a chance, could you please run a complete speed diagnosis on and share the results with us? This will help us rule out any Wi-Fi issues.

Here are some instructions to run this test: How to run a speed test from my modem?