Slow Speeds for last 3 days

3 days ago the download speed changed noticeably. When we purchased the Viasat installation and plan last month, the download speeds were great. (I got 60+ Mbps on Ookla several weeks ago. We are on the 50 Mbps plan). The upload speeds have never exceeded 300k. The download speeds in the last hour have varied between 5Mbps - 29 Mbps on Ookla and 15Mbps and 40Mbps on Viasat. Viasat speed test always shows a much higher speed on the download ;). Ping and upload are very similar to Ookla.

The Viasat router/modem has been rebooted. The test was run without a third party modem. What is next step to restore the speeds we are purchasing?

Hi, @Johnhlindau,

Thank you for your message. There was indeed some instability with the network/signal at that time, from what I could see in my tools.

Things look better now. Would you mind sending us a speed test from your modem, as described here: How to run a speed test from my modem? - Slow Speeds - Viasat Support Forum


Just ran the speedtest using the Viasat browser and speedtest. The download speeds are now worse: Just ran two speedtests and got 5.9 Mbps on a 50 Mbps account both times. Again, please advise on next step(s) to restore the download speed I am paying for.

Just ran an Ookla speedtest from an Edge browser (not sure why the browser matters - what browser does my TV use?) twice and got 2.9Mbps both times on a 50 Mbps account.

Hi, @Johnhlindau,

We’re going to need the results from the speed test from your modem (How to run a speed test from my modem?)

You’ll need to use the Viasat browser, go to Viasat’s speed test app, and run the test.

When you have the results please share a screenshot with us.

It needs to be done with the Viasat browser because otherwise there is no way of getting the speeds from your modem (and other useful information)


Attached is the requested run and an Ookla run thru Microsoft Edge. Download speeds show identical (though half what I am paying for), Ookla run shows less than 1/10 the upload speed that Viasat shows.

(Attachment Ookla Speedtest - Microsoft Edge - Direct Viasat Modem connection - No VPN 2023 07 27 704pm edt.pdf is missing)

Hi, @Johnhlindau,

Thanks for the screenshot, I’m investigating that now.

The second screenshot was not attached to your last message. Please try sending it again.

There should be no difference between the results from Viasat’s speed test and Ookla’s because Viasat’s speed test website uses Ookla’s app for running the test.

What usually causes the difference is the normal fluctuation of speeds, however in your case the fluctuation is abnormal.

Anyway, I’ll check our speed test app too, just in case.

Would you mind running a few more speed tests from both apps?

Hi, @Johnhlindau,

When you get a chance, please send us that screenshot that was lost (and any other you might have if you have taken some more tests).


Here is a run I just did Direct modem connection, no VPN. It kicks back that the modem speed calculation has encountered an error. Have run multiple times, same result.

Hi @Johnhlindau,

Unfortunately sometimes Speed Check fails to automatically refresh the authentication, so the test from the modem won’t run because it thinks you are logged out.

Could you please try logging out and logging back in, then run a test again and see if the test from the modem works?



here is another run from a few minutes ago. Viasat has been paid twice now for a level of service you are not even remotely providing. What is the fix?

Hi, @Johnhlindau,

We requested the field team to send a technician for checking your equipment.

The field ops will get in contact soon to give you more details.

I’ll send you a private message to confirm the best tel. number and timeframe for calling you.

Hi, @Johnhlindau,

I saw that the tech visit was completed. Did you notice any improvements?

Please let us know if you still have any issues.


Tech did stop by. I liked him, but he was unable to find any issue with the hardware that is here. This means the issues (download speed is fine as of right now - no immediate issues) we have been having are on “your end”. I suspect that Viasat oversells its satellite capacity and that is the real issue.

Thanks for the feedback, @Johnhlindau.

I tested your speeds this afternoon and they were good.

If you need anything else just send us a message.