Slow Speeds - especially uploading

Slow speeds. Download speeds are inconsistent. Upload speed consistently less than .03 mbps from the modem which translates to less than 0.07 mbps speeds on the device. This is totally unacceptable. I have rebooted the devices in the order you all have detailed. I am running the test via the viast browser.

I know my chosen plan calls for better speeds than what I am receiving . I also know that I am not over my data limits since I have started a new cycle period.

Hi, @DavidShertzer,

Thanks for reporting. We noticed you have a mispointed antenna, that’s why the speeds are not great.

I’ll schedule a visit for repointing your antenna. The field team will get in contact with more details.

I’ll also send you a private message so you can confirm the best tel. number and timeframe for calling you.

Thank you… very much…awaiting the private message

Hi, @DavidShertzer,

I saw that your tech visit was completed yesterday.

If you find any other issues please let us know.