Slow speeds despite data boost

I spent $100 on a data boost and am still stuck at 20mbps down and 5mbps up. I did a speed test with the Viasat browser and the problem doesn’t appear to my modem. Why hasn’t the boost been applied and what can I do to address this?

Hi @drbingham,

Thanks for your post.

I just ran a test from your modem and at this time I’m seeing very good speeds:

I see that you ran those tests during the evening hours, which are the peak busy period, when there unfortunately is the most congestion in the network. When you get a chance, could you please try running another complete speed diagnosis before 4pm?

Finally, I noticed the difference in the speeds from your device and the speeds from your modem. This could indicate a Wi-Fi issue. How far from your Viasat modem where you when you ran this test?