Slow Speeds and Connectivity

I am extremely unpleased with the amount of issues Viasat is giving me. Brand new customers and I cannot even get full wifi coverage in my house. I get a wifi booster and I cant even connect it because of the security features in place in the router. I cannot even login to the router to change the settings. I folllow the instructions and cannot even get the router page to load. That is my first issue.

Next, in the places that I do have internet in, the videos are choppy at best. If i turn the quality of them up, the video loads every 5 seconds. The gentleman who installed the equipment said there should be no issues at all with connections or playing videos anywhere in my house. The connection is so bad that my PS5 wont even connect. It times out saying it took too long to connect fo the internet.

If these issues do not get fixed as soon as possible, I will be filing a complaint with the FCC.

Hi @joseph,

Sorry about the slow reply.

I see very good speeds from your modem, so this is very likely a Wi-Fi issue (which is good news because it’s solvable).

  • Just to confirm, you are using the Hi-Tron router (below)?

  • Could you please run 2 simple speed tests using By simple I mean just the “Speed from the device” segment of the test.

    • Standing next to the router
    • Standing at the distance where you noticed the buffering originally



Hello, I performed both of these features and I hope you are right with the wifi being the issue. I was right by the router and as you can see in was getting around 22mbps. Please keep me updated.

Hi @joseph,

Could you please share screenshots of the results with us? Or could you log into Speed Check with your My Viasat credentials? (If you are logged in, we can see your results).




Hi, @joseph,

Just to follow up on your case.

I saw that the weather in your location was affecting your signal, so that (at least partially) explains some of the issues you reported.

I also noticed that you ran out of priority data, so I took the liberty to add 30GB of extra data to your account (free of charge). You’ll receive an email about that, but you can ignore it – the credits will be included in your next bill.

I did that just so we can better test your internet, now that the weather seems to be fine.

We’ll wait for your feedback. Let us know if you see any improvements.


Just one more thing: if you usually watch videos with your internet, you could benefit from signing up for the Data Saver feature.

The Data Saver automatically decreases the bandwidth for video downloads, so it prevents excessive usage.

That feature is yet experimental, so for now we are just offering it to a few customers, but it has already helped many of them to save data.

You can learn more about the Data Saver here: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

This has been my consistent wifi connection. The only way I am able to use the internet is pretty much through my PC that is connected right to the router. If I want to play my PS5 and download a game, I have to hook that up to my router just to download things. Then I cant play it anyways because some single player games require you be online to even play. So if I connect it to the wifi this happens and I cant connect.

This is truly unacceptable that I am struggling this much to use my wifi!

Hi @joseph,

Sorry about the slow reply.

That speed looks terrible, how about you try unplugging the Hi-Tron router from your modem and check if the speeds are better when connecting directly to the Viasat modem’s Wi-Fi?

In order to get the Viasat modem in “router mode” you will need to disable the “bridge mode” on your modem. Please follow these instructions below to do so:

Intructions to get your SB2+ modem out of bridge mode.

On your PC, please type into your web browser to access the modem user interface.

  1. Log in using the user name “admin” and password “admin.”
  2. Click the Router tab.
  3. Go to Bridge Mode and click Disabled.

Once you do that your modem will be in router mode and you will be able to connect directly to its Wi-Fi

Please let us know if you prefer us to get your modem our of bridge mode (we can also do it but I wanted to wait until you disconnected the Hi-Tron router.

Thanks for your patience,


Hello Nacho,

I have disconnected the Hi-Tron router from the modem. However, when I type that into the URL, i get internet is not available or site cannot be reached. Would you please go ahead and do this for me?

Hi @joseph,

I applied the change, please give the modem about 15-20 minutes for it to fully reboot (it might be less, it should be ready when the LED light is solid blue).

Please let me know if you are able to see the Viasat Wi-Fi once the modem fully reboots.



It does appear that getting slightly better wifi connections like this. The furthest from the router is still only getting a little over 1mbps. When the gentleman was here setting it up and testing it, he was showing me 15mbps at the furthest point. Enough to watch videos with little to no interruptions.

Hi @joseph ,

Since you experienced issues with the Hi-Tron router, we recommend an external router such as this one – TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit WiFi Router Archer A6, to improve the Wi-Fi coverage in your house.

I’ve sent you a private message with more details.