Slow Speeds - Again!

We continue to get terribly slow speeds. I upgraded to the 75Mbps plan, new modem installed , they altered my satellite dish and on the day of setup we did get 75Mbps downloads… even got 88Mbps on one speed test. Day 2 and beyond speeds dropped to 18, 25, 30 Mbps and now Day 3 we are getting consistently 15-18Mbps downloads.
I work from home and need ~50Mbps consistently for Video/Whiteboard type calls.

Rebooting seems to be a waste of time.
Just ran the Speed test again after a reboot …results here.
BTW… the weather is gorgeous, blue sky and not a cloud anywhere!

Hi @Markmorizio ,

Sorry for the delay. We’re already investigating what might be wrong with your network, and as soon as we have any updates we’ll let you know.


Hi @Markmorizio ,

We’ve performed some adjustments and from our tests, your speeds have improved. Could you provide your own feedback on your network usage?

Also, you mentioned video calls, which application are you using for these calls?


Thanks Leo … the speed has improved this morning… up to 75Mbps …and in some cases a little faster.
The platform I use is Varsity Tutors, it has real-time Video, Audio and a White Board. The other application I use Skype couple with Microsoft White Board.

At 50Mbps and greater there are no issues…

Many thanks…

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Well … this morning we had normal download speeds… 75Mbps or even higher.
This afternoon speeds dropped a bit … still above 50Mbps. Now it’s 6pm on the same day and the speeds are terrible with downloads of around 19Mbps .

BTW… the weather in NC is beautiful. Clear skies and no rain.

Hi, @Markmorizio,

During the night (peak hours), it’s common to have more traffic in the network than normal, therefore there might be some “congestion” in the signal.

Unfortunately, a drop in the download speed down to 20 Mbps is possible, and it can eventually happen during the night (around 7 pm to 11 pm).

Our engineers are continuously working to optimize our network performance in multiple ways, so you can expect improvements in the long term.