Slow speed test results

Rebooted. Did a speed test. 9.something download. Ok. Maybe kinda acceptable. Did another speed test immediately, now I’m at 3.something download. I think my dial up I had in the 1980’s was faster. No weather issues. Clear skies. Tried to stream a movie and it’s useless! It takes a 1 minute commercial 5 minutes to complete with the incessant buffering. I understand this is satellite internet, but even rural customers deserve better. Considering options.

Hi @Mxminton1960

Sorry about this experience you’re having with Viasat. We’ll have a look at your account to better understand what’s going on.

In the meantime, could you run a few Speedchecks whenever you have time? I see you’ve mentioned low speed results, so I wanted to check if those come from the modem or the devices used.

Please, follow the guide below and let us know if you experience any issues while testing:

  • You can download the Viasat Browser here:
  • After you install the browser, you need to be logged in on
    • To do that, click “Login” in the upper right corner of the menu, as indicated in the picture below.
    • The credentials for this login are the same as the ones you use for MyViasat.


When you run the tests from the Viasat browser, we can see “Speed from your device” and most importantly “Speed from your modem”, which is greatly useful to identify discrepancies in the speeds, such as in this example below:

:exclamation: The Modem Speed Test is currently not compatible with iPhone/iOS devices. If you don’t have an Android mobile device, please run the test on a computer.

I know this is a bit more cumbersome than just running a normal test, but the complete diagnosis helps us eliminate other factors.

Thank you!

Hi, @Mxminton1960,

From what we could see you have good speeds on your modem:

You might have an issue with Wi-Fi. When you have a chance, please run a modem speed test as Nathalia mentioned in the above message, it will help us to debug the issue.


I did. Results were worse. I just clocked 2. Something download. Now what?

Just wondering if there’s any progress on my issue?

Good morning. I completed the testing as instructed on my laptop and it does appear download speed and upload are adequate from the modem. I agree the WiFi must be at fault here. How do I fix that?

Hi, @Mxminton1960,

You could use an Ethernet cable connection instead of the Wi-Fi, or try plugging in an external router to the modem.

You can see some models recommended by other customers here in this post: What router do you use with your Viasat service?