Slow Speed on all my internet devices

My speeds are slow, loading pages, buffering tv shows, etc. This is on day 1 of my monthly usage and every other day. It is not related to data usage.

Hi @cgreenmills,

Sorry for the slow reply.

I just ran a test from your modem and I’m seeing good speeds:

Could you please run a complete speed diagnosis on when you get a chance? This will help us get a full assessment and identify/rule-out any potential Wi-Fi issues. Here are some instructions to run this test: How to run a speed test from my modem?



What the **** did you do!? I downloaded the stinking browser, but since I have a Chromebook, I had to use the Google app thing. NOW it says I have no high-speed data left! The page your information said would show up DID NOT show up.

I am opening Viasat the way I usually do and doing the same speed check I did yesterday and will show that to you if I can figure how. I can tell you that the numbers yesterday were not good.

Hi @cgreenmills,

Sorry, the Viasat Browser is only available on Windows and Mac laptops, and on iPhones and Android phones. It’s not available for Chromebooks unfortunately. Ideally I would recommend running the test on a Windows or Android device to get the most metrics.

I see that you only used about 1 GB of data today. Where did you see you are out of data? If possible, could you send a screenshot?



I think someone needs to call me to help me with this. I’m getting NO help from this slow exchange.
The speedcheck says my “host”, whatever that is, is in Haviland, KS, 27 miles from me. I am in Illinois, TWO STATES AWAY FROM ANYWHERE IN KANSAS.f

It says it on the browser thing I downloaded, and now it says it on my phone app as well. The site on my laptop has the right number, but now my phone app is jacked up, because I tried to follow the bogus instructions you sent me without FIRST checking to see what kind of device I use, and NO, I don’t have a Windows or Android device. Any other sage advice? I think it is time to call me on the phone and talk me through this whole thing. By the way, the speed check thing I did gave me these numbers: Ping-641, Jitter-200, Download-62.3, Upload-5.0.
What is the host thing, and why are all of the ones for me in Kansas? I live in Illinois.

Hi @cgreenmills,

The host is just the computer that the speed test chose to download a file from in order to test the speed of that transfer from that computer in Kansas to yours in Illinois.

Let’s try this instead: please run a speed test on in any device and any browser, but please do it standing right next to your Viasat modem and send us a screenshot or let us know your results. This can give us some information on whether the Wi-Fi is the problem.

Unfortunately our Forum team is restricted to interacting over this platform, but you could call customer support at: 855-463-9333

Thank you,


Nice, these are way better speeds than before, how far from your modem were you when running this one?

It resulted 79.03, Ping 750ms

Two rooms away. I just ran the one you requested with my phone, standing next to the modem. I guess I could take my laptop in there and run it next to the modem if you need me to.

Laptop next to modem was Ping-706, Jitter-76.9, Download-76.9, Upload-4.8.

So, you’re saying these are good numbers, and this is the best I’m going to get. Why does my laptop register this as a weak signal?

Hi @cgreenmills ,

Sorry for the late reply.

I see from your account that you are currently on the plan “Unlimited Gold 50”, with a max Download speed of 50Mbps and a max Upload speed of 3Mbps – so yes, those are great results!

I ran another one from your modem, and it registers even higher speeds than your last result:

So if:

  • Your modem is receiving almost twice the maximum speeds for Download and a good Upload speed,
  • Your devices are registering a Download speed of 62.3Mbps, 79.03Mbps, 76.9Mbps – and your Upload always reaching around 5Mbps,

Then on the issue of speeds, you’re doing OK.

However, as you mentioned buffering, does it happen on all streaming platforms or just one specific app?

If you have the time, you could also run a speed test on, which is a tool designed by Netflix to check your video download speeds – that is, your speed when streaming.

That could be from the distance between your device and the modem – mine does that too, even though my speeds are good.

It’s just because the modem is on a far away room, so the devices on the Wi-Fi will register the signal itself as weak, not the speed.

You can check that when you’re moving the laptop around – the closer you get to the modem, more bars will light on up the Wi-Fi icon.