Slow speed consistently

Speed was fine for first week or so but now constantly buffering and unable to play anything

Hi, @Brad_Haley,

Did you notice when exactly the buffering started?

Also, does it affect all your streaming apps or just some of them?

I’m going to need a speed test from your modem (to verify Wi-Fi issues, etc). See instructions here: How to run a speed test from my modem? - Slow Speeds - Viasat Support Forum

Basically, You need to use the Viasat browser, go to the Viasat speed check website, log in with your My Viasat account and then run the test.

When you have the results please send us a screenshot with the results.

Hi, @Brad_Haley,

I’ll continue the investigation of this issue. We’re considering the possibility of moving you to another plan. I’ll need to do some checks first, as soon as I have more information I let you know.

In the meantime, could you send us the speed test from your modem as described below:


Hi, @Brad_Haley,

So, I did a lot of tests and verifications, and I could not find great drops in the speeds.

Therefore we’ll need the results from a speed test from your modem. The instructions on how to do it are in the message above.

Once you have a chance to do it, please send us a screenshot.

Thanks for your cooperation.

It is worse when more people in the park.But will have no connectivity when the park is empty. Effects all devices. TV says connected with excellent signal yet no connectivity.
Im not a technician or care to perform speed tests.

Hi @Brad_Haley,

I’m not totally sure, but this below makes me think that you might be experiencing Wi-Fi issues.

Unfortunately we can only run tests from your modem, not from your devices (laptop, TV, phone, etc.) and so far we are seeing great results (see below), that’s why we could really use your help running a speed diagnosis from one of those devices. That will allow us to identify or rule-out Wi-Fi issues.



I don’t think speed is the issue. It’s connectivityHappens even when data is refreshed.
I’ll work on speed tests when I get back in town friday