Slow speed but showing high usage!

I had only used 1/2 of my month’s priority usage yet my speeds have slowed dramatically. At the same time my day’s usage data spiked higher than I’ve ever had!. I hardly used the internet because it was so painfully slow yet it showed I wracked up nearly 8gbs of data usage!

Hey Sfrancismt,

Regarding your data usage, we will take a look at it once we receive your consent via your e-mail contact.

As for the slowness, we’re investigating what might be causing it and once we have any updates we will let you know.


@sfrancismt we are still tracking the issue down where you had slow speeds despite having plenty of priority data remaining. Since we are still troubleshooting and it looks like you ran out of priority data, we will request a credit that will hopefully last until the new cycle turns over. Once we have sorted out your slow speeds with priority data remaining, we will look at the causes of high usage. Does that work for you?


One point of clarification – how did you determine that it was slow? What was slow? Sorry – just trying to fully understand your experience.

Thanks Peter. I’d appreciate the credit. All seems fine now. The few days before I reached my data limit speeds were good, so as of now, I have no complaints.

I ran the speed test on Viasat site numerous times. Also, it was obvious when it was impossible to stream anything and loading speeds for web pages was really slow.

I”m now very confused. Right after this email I received from you, I received one from Viasat saying I had just purchased more data for $14.99. I had not done this. Why?

Ok we were able to get you a credit for 10 GBs and you should see that reflected in your account.

Should we move on to understanding your data usage then?

I did notice that you have Video Data Extender enabled. Is that on purpose? Here’s a link that may help with the decision: Should I enable Video Data Extender?.



No I think that issue was resolved. It looked like it was due to some automatic software updates and automatically downloading podcasts.


I will get clarification but i think the way the credit gets applied in terms of the accounting is it shows up as a purchase and then a credit for that amount of $$. Rest assured we will not charge you for these 10 GBs.

OK. Thanks. I’ll watch for a credit on my next bill.

Hi Sam!

I just followed up on this and confirmed that you will see a credit of $14.99 on your next bill and you will not have to pay for the extra data.


Thank you. I appreciate the good customer service I’ve received with this issue.