Slow internet speeds!

I recently updated my plan to the unlimited high speed package. UNLIMITED! And I still have constant buffering. Also, every night around 8 or 9 pm, it is almost impossible to watch anything. Very frustrating. If this issue is not solved, I will be switching to a different company.

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Hi @Leahpatterson2011,

Sorry about this experience.

It looks like your usage (so far 622 GB in this billing cycle and 929 GB in the last) exceeds the average data consumption in your service area, so unfortunately you are currently within a group of customers that will have slower speeds during congested usage hours (usually in the evenings).

The best recommendation I can give is to try to reduce your usage. If you stream a lot of video, a great way to reduce your usage is to use our experimental Data Saver feature. You can find more about it here: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

At this time of day your speeds look good, so apart from the high usage situation, I believe you are not experiencing any other technical issues.



So UNLIMITED high speed, does not really mean UNLIMITED. Good to know.

Also, speed test was performed and the upload speed was 0.5 MBPS and download speed was 8.8 MBPS. Thats very slow.

Hi @Leahpatterson2011 ,

The tests we’re getting are returning good results, could you kindly run an advanced speed check using This type of speed check can help us rule out Wi-Fi issues and a few other types of problems.

Please run it following the specific instructions listed here: How to run a complete speed diagnosis?


Thats what I’ve been doing. The numbers that come up are nothing like what you all are getting. I have screenshots of my last two advance tests, if theres a way to submit them.

The forum allows uploading pictures so you can go ahead and upload them, please. However, if you used the Viasat browser and logged on with your My Viasat account, those tests should be visible to us, which currently isn’t the case.