Slow internet service from Viasat again

After autopay went in yesterday my speed is painfully slow today. It seems when one issue is fixed a new problem begins. $170.00 a month and all I get is either app problems or slow internet. HELP!!!

Hi @jewilson7

I just tested your modem and it’s currently receiving good speeds:


Did you happen to have any bad weather recently? I see that your modem had a drop in connection during the evening of July 8th, and it’s possibly related to the slow speeds you experienced yesterday.

If possible, could you please run another few Speedchecks for us, so we can try to check if the issue is still ongoing? Thank you!

I will do that. We did have a storm during that time.

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I lost internet. Rebooted viasat modem. All other linked modems are disconnected. Internet back up but erratic and slow upload speeds. Sunny day here. Also Viasat modem direct connect to this pc.

Hi @jewilson7

It seems the modem had a network entry and dropped connectivity at around 1:00 PM EDT – that’s likely why you lost internet.

Could you try reconnecting the extra Router again? Are you still using the Mesh network?

My router seems to work better without the mesh network. Initially I did loose connectivity and rebooted the Viasat router. Some time later it was up again.

Nathalia if youre out there I attempted a speed test from my pc and it suggested slow wi-fi unable to check speed from modem. I never saw that before. Also during loss of internet service earlier the sky was clear. I will attempt another speed test.

Unacceptable speed. Especially upload. Too slow to do modem speed test.

Hi @jewilson7

I see that there was a lot of fluctuation in your tests yesterday, sometimes reaching as high as 90Mbps, other times barely 17Mbps:

You mentioned the upload speeds, too, but the lowest seems to have stayed around 3Mbps, which is the normal for Viasat plans. Did you see it drop to below 1Mbps when you were testing?

Hi @jewilson7

Regarding the comment from the other topic:

The Upload speeds for all Viasat plans are set to a maximum of up to 3Mbps, so that is actually a very high Upload speed.

I saw the test you just ran, and it looks like the fluctuation is still happening (especially as the system could not detect the modem speeds):

I’m investigating your account to understand the root cause of the fluctuation, but I think your speeds would benefit from the Mesh Router being re-attached, as the Wi-Fi signal from the Viasat modem is not as strong as the Mesh’s.

Ok. I will reattach the mesh router and run a few more speed tests. It may be a few hours before I will be available for do that.

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slower than usual speeds after using tp-link mesh router. still failing speed test from modem. I did notice i was connected to the viasat 5g. Selected 24g and ran another speed test with mesh router. Got a wifi falure code 404. Selected TP-Link and ran another speed test and got same error code 401…

Hi @jewilson7 ,

It seems like our speed check was going through some instabilities which caused the error you saw. Could you try running new tests with your mesh router?

Also regarding 5g and 2.4g, 5g is usually better but has a lower coverage distance.


I’m doing 3 speed tests. First is the TP- Link. Second test is vast 5g. Third was going to be 25g but I was unable to connect to the network with my pc. Just to remind everyone I have a direct connection between the Viasat the TP and my pc.

Hi @jewilson7,

I see that you’ve performed another Speedcheck today. The report shows great speeds on your device.


After performing this test, are you able to confirm if your internet experience has improved?

I don’t understand how the speed test fails to check speed from modem to pc. Of late I have been getting an error code 401 Speed from modem unexpected error doesn’t sound acceptable to me.

Hi @jewilson7

We’ve had a recent bug in our Speedcheck tool and have since rolled out an update, this might be tied to the Error 401 that you have seen.

In any case, your recent speed tests seem much better – and these are device tests, so we know that your devices are getting good speeds :slight_smile:

These are from different days and hours, so it seems your connection has gotten better overall. Are you still experiencing slowness?

I ran another speed test with the same error. Also cant download email attachments from my physician. These are instructions for my upcoming cancer treatments so you see my necessity for good consistent internet.