Slow internet needs tune up

I have the 25/60 plan and have run speed tests at different times of the day. I typically see speeds at about 12 mbps. I would like someone to come and tune up my satellite dish or other equipment so I can get to the 25 mbps speed that I am paying for. Thank you.

Hi @tyrerta

I just ran a few tests on your modem, and the speeds are good:

I’m investigating whether your antenna or dish are misaligned, but when that scenario happens, the speeds on the modem tend to drop a lot.

The speeds above suggest your modem is currently receiving a good signal from the satellite.

In the meantime – could you run a few complete SpeedChecks for us, so we can cross-check the speeds between modem VS device? This could be a Wi-Fi signal issue, or too big a distance between the devices.

Please, follow the guide below and let us know if you experience any issues while testing:

  • You can download the Viasat Browser here:
  • After you install the browser, you need to be logged in on
    • To do that, click “Login” in the upper right corner of the menu, as indicated in the picture below.
    • The credentials for this login are the same as the ones you use for MyViasat.


When you run the tests from the Viasat browser, we can see “Speed from your device” and most importantly “Speed from your modem”, which is greatly useful to identify discrepancies in the speeds, such as in this example below:

:exclamation: The Modem Speed Test is currently not compatible with iPhone/iOS devices. If you don’t have an Android mobile device, please run the test on a computer.

I know this is a bit more cumbersome than just running a normal test, but the complete diagnosis helps us eliminate other factors.

Thank you!