Slow download speeds and loose connection several times a day

We pay for the fastest download speeds available and even though we never go over our data cap the speeds get very slow and we even loose connection a couple times a day. We have had a technician come out and change the modem but the problem still remains. Would like the issue to be fixed or we will probably look at other internet options.

Hi @kwscott79 ,

We’re sorry for this situation. Have you noticed if your speeds have been bad during the same periods of the day or if it happens across the whole day?

Also could you kindly run an advanced speed check? The advanced speed check shows your device and modem speeds separately, as well as a few other bits of information that can help us better identify the issue. Here’s an article with detailed instructions on how to run it: How to run a speed test from my modem?


The speed varies throughout the day. It can be as high as 100 then loose connection a couple of times a day. Normally the connection is faster in the morning then by midday its in the 40s and then in the afternoon and night it will get to the 20s or loose connection all together.

Hi @kwscott79 ,

When you ran these last couple of tests in November, was your device far away from the Modem, or in the same room?

Would it be possible for you to run another few tests, but using an Ethernet cable connected directly to the Modem? So we can completely rule out any Wi-Fi issue.

Unfortunately, most of your tests aren’t capturing the Modem speeds when you run them – that’s why we usually ask for at least 2 or 3 tests with a few minutes in between.

Your Device speeds seem low, but your Modem might be getting good speeds at those times – meaning the devices were too far away… Or, the Modem might also be getting bad speeds at those times.

When we run the speed check from our side, we can only see your Modem speeds, and during the day they look quite good – sometimes surpassing the max download speed, even… So it would be good to check if those go down during the evenings, and if they do, whether the Device speeds are proportional to that or even less.

Thank you,