SLOW and Expensive

Hello again @kidkaz

Regarding your reply on another post:

This is WIFI probably 10 feet away from my Modem. 12.2 MGBS Download and 3.6 MGBS Upload. This is a Joke. You expect me to sit at my desktop with a cord attached then it runs good. Is that your thinking? Not mine, for $226.00 a month I better be able to go outside, up stairs, down stairs with my laptop this needs to be fixed or I want money off my bill because you can’t advertise that you have WIFI because ever time I complain to you about this you always say,
“Hook it up to the Modem” I WANT A FAST WIFI at a speed that I’m paying over $200 dollars a month for. That’s why I dumped HughesNet.
FIX IT or take money off my bill you sure don’t hesitate taking my money every month so figure out why this WIFI don’t work for crap. Last time when you Re-booted it from your side that worked for a while , little more then a week Maybe, figure out why it worked then but did not last? You think?













We can see great speeds from your modem, and only bad speeds from your device. Like my colleague said, this is either due to the distance or a Wi-Fi signal issue on your modem. We asked for the cabled test because if this is a Wi-Fi issue (that is, your cable test is great and shows the same speeds for modem and device), then we may need to replace your modem.