Shield is useless with old SurfBeam 2 modem

Our data usage has recently been much higher than normal. I’d like to track it by device but the Shield app won’t work with the old modem we still have. Since you recently raised the monthly equipment rate, could you please at least provide us with a modem that is compatible with the Shield app for viewing individual device usage?

Hi @cclehman ,

We’re very sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We’ll verify what is possible in your case, but meanwhile, if you want we can look into your detailed usage and provide you with a report, you just need to express your consent.


Hi, @cclehman,

I sent you a private message with the usage details as requested.

Unfortunately, the Shield app only works with Spock (AKA Viasat Wireless Gateway) modems, which only connect with the VS-2 satellite.

As you are connected to the VS-1, using the Shield app isn’t possible.