Service issue again

My box is hot again third box, internet don’t work . I am so over all this . Why ??? I don’t even watch the tv u til Saturday then I have no high speed internet left . This is just ridiculous

Hi @Mgetridge ,

Could you clarify what you mean by the box being hot? Did you mean your modem? Are you also having problems with your data being used too quickly?


Yes the modem is so hot we have to keep unplugging it. This is the third modem that has done this
Yes I have never in my lifetime had internet you paid by useage
This has been the worst experience.

Hi, @Mgetridge,

Sorry for the slow reply. Has that temperature issue been happening since you received the current modem? If not, do you remember when it started?

About the data usage, if you give us permission we can check your usage details and provide more information about which apps are using most of your data.

You could also try the Data Saver. It decreases data usage for video streaming (you can check more details here: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!).