Service call over two weeks out

I have no internet for over a week. Intermittent problem with modem would reset with with unplug and plug in after several tries over the winter. Now will always come back up with only wireless but internet steady red. Viasat company will not just send out replacement modem but the first service call is still out over two weeks. I cant go two weeks or more without internet as a standard wait time for a tech.
Going to start looking at another provider since the property has no cell service so without internet i have no phone or internet up there. service tech is scheduled may 29th. and i think thta is not reasonable.

Hi @wolf_pack

Sorry about this situation. Viasat can’t send out replacement modems, we always need a service call for that – any new modem also requires repointing the antenna.

I’m opening up an escalation to try and expedite your service call. As soon as the Field team has an update on this, I will let you know :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying to expedite this service call…however i have had no further contact since and my service call is still two weeks out!? :weary:

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Hi @wolf_pack

The Field agents received our escalation yesterday, but the technicians haven’t been able to find a sooner date for your call. We’re hoping they’ll call you today with a new appointment, but no updates yet. :frowning:

Still crickets…… no call from anyone on my service call or lack of one. Still not scheduled til May 29th… I would be happy to pay someone extra to get this fixed even though I’m not supposed to have to. I can’t do any work and no phone available there without my viasat service restored…so I can’t stay there until it’s fixed. Please reach back out to someone. Give the. A free days fishing there and a cold beer. Help.

could you try again please… there is still no update so my service visit is still over a week out.
perhaps you should hire more help or have some contract workers

Hi @wolf_pack

I contacted the Field Ops team yesterday and they said this area unfortunately is having trouble with tech coverage. There hasn’t been word from the escalation yet :confused:

I’ll ask if it’s possible to borrow a tech from another area to expedite this visit. Sorry for the delay in resolving your issue.