Service call cancel

How do I cancel a service call as the issue presenting last night seems resolved this morning?

Issue was “unable to connect during slow data time”. Service tech on phone set up a work order.

Wonder if wonders, this morning my wife was able to be on zoom for a 3 hour work meeting.

Thank you to whatever you did. No in house tech is needed at this time.

Hi @kaiserbyron

You’re currently out of high-speed data, so that may have caused your speeds to slow down during the peak period of the evening.

I see that you’ve currently used 224 GBs out of the 100 GBs high-speed data cap from your plan, so it’s possible you may be interested in our Data Saver Feature (it’s free!): Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

I’ve asked the Field Ops team to cancel your tech visit. :slight_smile:

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By the way, I see that yesterday your modem had two connection drops during the evening – one at 5:30 PM, the other at 5:45 PM.

Was that more or less when you noticed that everything had gone offline?