Sent to Collections with Account Balance of $0

Here is my previous post: Profile - caitlinvw - Viasat Support Forum

I have now been sent to collections. Viasat needs to correct this with Southwest Credit and reverse this collections charge as I have a $0 account balance.

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Hi @caitlinvw, I just sent you a direct message. Hope to have an update for you soon.

Lmao, Viasat did tge same thing to me. They sell to credit company. I had 0 balance and a year later this same issue. Im fighting it now, very dirty company!! Im gonna report to better business. You may need to as well, probably a pattern.

Hi @Stephen_Cordle,

Sorry about this experience. Here is a new topic I created to keep track of your case: Collections Billing Issue



Solution was provided to customer via direct message.