Selective Slow Speeds

Time: 20:06

Date: 10/8/2023

ISP: ViaSat,Inc.


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Consider myself not savy enough to share from the testing page to this forum and your share thing doesn’t start in here. So, selective slow speeds during peak usage in my area is real, or you are throttling my data speeds down to a snails pace. WHICH IS IT?

Hi @cclendenny,

I’m very sorry to hear about this bad experience you’ve had with the Viasat service.

Upon running a speed test from your modem I see good results:

You mentioned in your message that you seem to experience slow speeds in peak busy hours, this could be caused by network congestion, which happens in those periods (mostly evening hours).

Do you think that’s the issue you’ve been facing? Meaning that you experience good speeds during other moments of the day. Or do you experience bad speeds all day long?

Thank you,

I have no clue how you got that speed test because the first ones I did so far this morning were 50 and less. Yes, I think there is a oversold network issue during peak hours on the weekend along with throttling. It isn’t right that on the weekend when we get more use out of the network that it isn’t able to sustain us.
Recheck your numbers because those don’t match mine on your Viasat speed test site.

Hi @cclendenny,

I understand your frustration. You mentioned you ran a few speed tests on your side but I can’t see them on my system.

You can follow this tutorial to run a full diagnosis: How to run a speed test from my modem?. This tutorial will walk you through how to get all the metrics we need.

For us to grab all the information we need please make sure to use the Viasat Browser and to be logged in to the website using your MyViasat account.
This will allow you to run a speed test from your modem besides the speed test from your device.

Regarding the congestion issue, I’m looking into the possibility of moving you to a less congested carrier.

Thank you,

Hi @cclendenny,

After taking a look at our system I see that you’ve been moved to a less congested carrier.

I just ran a speed test from your modem and I see good speeds:

Have you noticed an improvement in your experience over the last few days?

Thank you,