Security cameras ip super slow

My ip security cameras are opening super slow and freeze on live mode I had Hughes net before and haven’t had any issues like this and was wondering what is going on with this this and how can I improve the speed

Hi @Shaydg.21,

Upon checking your account, I ran a speed test from your modem, and I
see very good results, the screenshot you sent also shows a good result.

This is the test I ran from your modem:

Do you have a bad experience only with your camera system or it seems to affect other applications as well?

Could you also share with us what kind of cameras are you using? Pieces of information like the model, type, and manufacturer would be useful.

Thank you,

Thank you, I’m just noticing on the one the front outside camera works okay but the one in the back outside is lagging a lot and it’s the closest on to the modem but with Hughes net there was no lag what so ever. Everything else is working fine with the steaming on the tvs but the brand is CamHipro model YD-I-05

Hi @Shaydg.21,

Thank you for the feedback.

Since you mentioned your connection is working properly with other devices, including
another camera, we strongly believe there could be some issue with the one that’s lagging a lot. Connectivity issues would be probably the case if the camera farther away from the modem was the laggy one, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Therefore we recommend you investigate it a little bit more, you can try some of these steps:

  • Restart Camera: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve connectivity issues.

  • Check Camera Settings: Make sure that the camera’s settings, such as resolution and frame rate, are not set to a level that your network can’t handle. Lowering the resolution or reducing the frame rate might help reduce lag.

  • Check for Firmware Updates: Visit the CamHipro website or the app you use to manage the camera and check if there are any firmware updates available for your camera. Updating the firmware can fix known issues and improve performance.

  • Contact Support: If none of the above steps resolves the issue, contact CamHipro customer support. They should be able to provide specific guidance for your camera model.

Thank you,

Thank you I did all those steps and seems to be worse now but it’s weird they worked perfectly with the other internet services and were farther away then this modem. would I have to get a Wi-Fi extender? Seems like my service outside my house is nonexistent now.

Hi, @Shaydg.21,

How far is the router from the cameras?

Another thing that can affect the signal to that camera is the number of devices connected to the router. How many devices are usually connected to the network?

The one that’s lagging the most is about 2ft away and the other is about 5-6 ft away but we have two less cameras on the network two devices are on the 5g and the cameras total of 3 are on the 2g network I don’t like the placement of the router either it’s in my kitchen close to my sink and there really isn’t any room for it where it is and the router before was in the living room.

Hi, @Shaydg.21,

A 2ft distance should not be a problem. Did you try connecting that lagging camera to the 5GHz?

Did that issue appear recently or that camera never worked on the current network? Is there any error message on that camera configuration page?

It won’t let me put it on 5g but there isn’t any error messages I had my old network still hooked up well the install of Viasat and my cameras were working perfect without lag but once we got on to Viasat it started to lag a lot

I called the company and very disappointed in the customer care Viasat has I haven’t been into my first month with you guys and there isn’t anything they can do or a technician can do for it but sorry that’s a lie because my internet worked just fine with Hughes net and it’s the same satellite process. Once again I feel hustled I will not be keeping this service after how I was treated! No kind of support whatsoever!

Can you clarify this? You have three cameras total? Please list the following for each camera: 1) the model (are they all CamHipro model YD-I-05), 2) which Wifi SSID they are connected to, and 3) distance to the Wifi router.

We may be able to help but need clear information about your configuration.

Thank you,


Hi, @Shaydg.21,

Sorry for the bad experience. As Peter mentioned, we might need that extra information related to the cameras to check what could be wrong, since the internet/signal/equipment is working well for everything else.

I noticed that your modem has not the latest software version. That shouldn’t affect the overall quality, but in any case, I requested the team to upgrade it.

You might see your modem offline during that process, but it takes less than 15 minutes to complete the upgrade.

Once everything is set up I let you know, so we can test again the camera.

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You can update my modem and the outside back camera is the closest to the modem which is about 2 ft away and the front camera is about 3 ft away they both lag now and there both CamHipros and the baby monitor is a LaView one that’s upstairs and has no issues or lag. All are on the 2 g system. Hughes net modem was about the same length apart from the cameras and had absolutely no lag. The two tvs run on the 5g networks and the Amazon echos two of them run on the 2 g network

Do you know how long this will take it’s been over 20 mins of it rebooting

Hi, @Shaydg.21,

It’s completed now. Please, could you check if the equipment has all cables firmly connected? Also, how are the lights on it?

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@Shaydg.21, thanks, checking now

Still nothing it’s been like this since it got reset so almost over an hour now

Hi, @Shaydg.21,

Please, we need you to turn off the modem, wait 5 minutes and then turn it on again. Once you have done it, let us know