Security camera app

Couple of things:
1st security camera apps Dzees and Vico Home do not work well on viasat wifi. A 20 second clip takes 60 seconds to view because it keeps pausing to load.

2nd running a speedtest on chrome results (6.35 down 3.17 up) are vastly different and more inline with what I’m experiencing than the speedtest using viasat browser (96.07 down 4.68 up). Even webpages are loading very slow.

I have cleared data and cache, restarted my router/modem, and I have plenty of highspeed data available.

Ok we will take a look at your account.

For the speed test issue, Are these two tests on the same machine? The chrome vs Viasat Browser test? And can you send a screenshot of the slow Chrome result?



Yes, both speed tests done on my Samsung S21 phone. This is also where my camera app is viewed.
Thank you for helping me.

I don’t know if this is relevant but the latency reading in that speed test suggests that the test is not run over Viasat because geostationary satellite Internet has a minimum latency of about 550 ms. Is it possible that your phone is using a cellular or other Internet connection for this test?

I don’t think so because I don’t have much of a cell signal. We are rural and I run off wifi on my phone. I’m not able to use internet on my phone without the wifi.

I just ran a speed test on my ipad that doesn’t have cell service. Attached is the photo of results.

Hi @Sjaf,

That is a really strange inconsistency and we would like to take a look at that because it might be related to your issue. Could I trouble you with some requests?

  1. Could you run an advanced speed test, over your Viasat browser, and share the advanced result with us? Here’s an article with detailed instructions: How to run a speed test from my modem?
  2. This is more of a question than a request, but did you verify if both your Viasat browser speed test and your chrome speed test were run from the same device and using the same wi-fi network?


Yes, just to be sure I just ran both again on the same device and I left my phone resting on the counter in the same spot for both tests.

That’s puzzling, could you perform some other speed tests so we can compare? We’d like some tests from and as well. In the case of, please don’t forget to press the “Show more info” button so that we can see more advanced diagnostics. Sorry for so many requests!

Meanwhile, while looking at your network on our system I noticed your Video Data Extender is turned on (Should I enable Video Data Extender?). This can cause some buffering when watching videos for some connections. Could you try turning it off and checking if it solves the video buffering you’re having?


I turned off the data extender and it did not improve the playback. This chat will only let me attach 1 image at a time. I will send all 4, but in separate replies.

Thank you very much for those screenshots @Sjaf!

We’ll further investigate and let you know once we have any updates.

In the meantime, could you clarify if the security camera footage you’re watching is a live feed or if it’s a recorded video clip? If possible, please also explain how the whole system is wired-up and how the apps you are using work, as having a grasp on the whole system might help us figure it out.


“1st security camera apps Dzees and Vico Home do not work well on viasat wifi. A 20 second clip takes 60 seconds to view because it keeps pausing to load.”

You say you view your camera app on your Android. Does that mean you are streaming those videos from the cloud down to your phone over the Viasat Wifi?

One question – do things improve early in the day?

I haven’t heard anything for a few weeks. Any updates?

did you see my questions above?

@Sjaf sorry those questions were to the security camera videos specifically.

As for your very slow result even with Video Data Extender (VDE) disabled, that one I can’t explain and needs to be debugged. I’m very sorry we dropped the ball on it. Question: are you still seeing decent speeds but very slow speeds? The ones are an indication of the speeds you will see watching videos and should have gotten fast once you disabled VDE. Please re-run the test. If video speeds are still slow, we’ll dig in and figure this out.

I assume the video’s a stored on the cloud since I don’t have a hard drive for the cameras. Yes, playing via viasat wifi. No, time of day doesn’t make a difference.

I will run speed tests and send you the results.