Samsung OLED 595C EATS my data for breakfast

I don’t want to change my screen resolution for all devices, but I can’t adjust it for only the internet connection. Many of the apps we use to stream do not offer the option to change the video quality through the apps on TV. I shouldnt have to use a Roku stick on my $3000.00 TV. Bring back DATA SAVER!!!

Hi, @Herbschloe,

Please sign up for the Data Saver in this link: Viasat Data Saver Feature Experiment

When you complete the form, please let us know here so we can activate the feature for you.

More details about it here: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!


I filled the form out earlier today.

Got it, sorry, @Herbschloe,

Give me a minute, I’ll activate it for you. I’ll send some details in a private message.


@Herbschloe, I just activated the Data Saver for you. You can see more details in the direct message I just sent you.

If you have any issues let us know.