Same as everyone else

don’t waste your time

It stops working every night between 8 and 9 PM.
Had its best the speed test come in at 12 Meg let, but typically it’s somewhere around five, So we can’t stream.
We got the package, the unlimited package and it got better for a little while, but then went back to more of the same.
The only reason I still have it is because of the two year contract.
This company seems to be expanding so quickly that it isn’t taking care of its customers.
The engineers who read this can’t do anything about it, he’s challenges are not actually up to them. This is just a poor business model that ultimately will lead to their demise.

Hi @rmancastroppa

It seems this is your first time posting on the Forum, so we were not aware of your issues. :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at your account right away. And thanks for detailing the symptoms!

Hi again @rmancastroppa

We’ve identified a possible fix for the symptoms you described:

Our team has applied a change to your network configuration, which will go into effect exactly one hour from now.

After that, could you please run for us a few Speedchecks, so we can verify your modem and device speeds?

You can follow the guide available here: How to run a complete speed diagnosis?

If you have any issues while running the Speedchecks, please let us know!

Hi @rmancastroppa

I saw your reply on the other topic –

That is great to hear! :partying_face:

I’m marking this topic as Solved in the meantime.

If you need help with this or any other issues, please let us know!

I am having similar problems and see this one was marked “solved” but I am not understanding the “solution”. Can my service be “reconfigured”?

Hi, @54eagregory,

I created another topic for your request: Slow speeds (54eagregory)

Let’s continue in the new post, so it’s easier to keep track of your messages.