Remote Desktop Connection to Server

Aloha, I am trying to connect via Remote Desktop Connection from an “outside computer” to my Terminal Server at my office. Using my other ISP all I needed was to enter this from the remote computer IPADDRESS:PORT NUMBER. I can log on to the Terminal server from inside the office so it works Intranet, but not through internet. I use 192.168.1.(computer number):(port number) for access to the server within the office. Any ideas what I need to change in the Viasat Router to get access to the Office Server from a remote computer? (FYI from the remote computer I use the MS program mstsc.exe and I have MS Terminal Server at the office)

Hi, @spdas108,

Thanks for your message. You can do that in different ways, depending on your needs. Do you have a Windows PC? if so you could try what is described in this tutorial, or you could use a software like TeamViewer.

Does that help? or are trying to use something else, like an SSH connection?

I saw now that you mentioned the MS program to connect to servers. Just another question, do you have a static IP?

Aloha, no I have dynamic ip not static. With my previous ISP this was not a problem as my ip address stayed mostly the same, but I could change the remote login if needed. MSTSC.exe has worked for Years to log onto the server from an outside computer. It is Windows PC. thanks for your help

Hi, @spdas108,

I never used mstsc, sorry. For that to work with your previous router did you need to configure port forwarding? If so, perhaps this tutorialmight help: Remote Desktop - Allow access to your PC from outside your network | Microsoft Learn

Aloha, All is well. the problem was there was some old setting in the modem/router that the viasat phone person advised that I need to hard reset the modem for 70 SECONDS, (20 seconds not good enough). All I need was the IP address with :portnumber on the command line in Mstsc.exe to work. thanks Francis

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Got it, good to know everything is working fine now.