Random Extreme Data Usage, 1 day, Every Month

We have had Viasat for 3 months. Each month, there is 1 day that uses an extreme amount of Data. Each of those days, there was very little to no internet usage, as nobody was home. It forces us to use all of the Data, by the first half of the month. Then, the internet is basically useless and is worse than Bertram (Bertram was bad, so we thought). At this rate, it feels like we are being scammed to buy the next data package.

Will follow up with customer support, if not corrected within 2 or 3 days.

Hi @Kennygmd ,

I’m really sorry to hear about this bad experience.

From what you said, there seems to be a pattern for that usage, since you mentioned it happens only once a month.

Did you notice any pattern? Does it happen on a specific date or every X days?

Also, our team can analyze your data usage and we can figure out what kind of service or device is responsible for the usage you mentioned. But for that, we need your consent.

Do we have your permission to take a deeper analysis?

Thank you,

Yes, the pattern is we use below 4 GB, majority of the days. As seen through the daily Data usage. The days of extreme use appear to be random, not same date or every x days. You have permission to do an Analysis.

Thank you

Hi @Kennygmd,

I ran the analysis on your account.

Since this is considered sensitive information, I’ll continue our conversation on a private chat, so I can share with you my findings. You’ll receive a notification.

Thank you,

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