Purchased more data

I purchased more data, after using all of my high speed data for the month. After my $40 purchase my speed did not improve.

Hi @Sjaf ,

We apologize for the bad experience, we’ll look into the situation of your network and get back to you.

Meanwhile, could you kindly share with us the results of an advanced speed check? Here’s an article on how to do so: How to run a speed test from my modem?

We’ll cross the information on your side with the information on ours to run a detailed analysis of the matter.

Thank you very much,

Thank you!

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Thanks for the update. Please let us know if you experience the issue again.

Did you figure out the problem? It’s irritating to pay for additional high speed data and not actually get high speed data. I ended up wasting money on standard speed data.

Hi @Sjaf,

We are still working on figuring out what was causing your issue. In the meantime, we will give you some GB free while you continue troubleshooting your problems (you will see an initial charge for this data but we will then credit your account that same amount so that it will be free for you.

To help us investigate further, can you please do two things for us next time you are experiencing slow speeds:

  1. Run a test using fast.com and send us a screenshot
  2. Run a full diagnostic speed check (with the modem speed) and send us a screenshot as well

If you only use fast.com we will only be able to see your video speeds specifically.

Thank you in advance your help!


Thank you Cat. Yes, I will run both tests next time.

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I’m not using a VPN.

I’m not using a VPN. And I’m not out of high speed data.

Not good. Do your Fast.com and Speedcheck speeds improve in the morning? In other words, is this primarily a slow speeds in the evening issue?

I never really use it in the morning. I will be able to test that Monday morning.

@Sjaf a couple different issues:

  1. it looks like you did run out of priority data on the 26th. So tests run after that were not using “high speed” data. Your monthly allowance will restart again on May 8 but in order to troubleshoot speeds now we will credit your account with 30 GB. Then your testing will be for when you do have “high speed” data. Once we have that working as expected, we can talk about expected speeds when you have run out of priority data. Does that make sense?
  2. In earlier screenshots, i was able to see that you successfully ran the “speedtest from the modem”:
    image but in the more recent ones these are not happening. Any chance you could log out and log back into speedcheck.viasat.com before running your test? I think that might resolve the issue and you will start getting “speed from your modem” results again.



@Peter unfortunately it looks like this customer has a modem with an updated version that has an expired certificate that prevents Speed Check from detecting the modem MAC, thus not allowing the customer to run a test from the modem. I’ve escalated the issue to the modem team, hopefully it gets resolved soon.

I logged out and closed my browser before this test.

Hi @Sjaf,

Like I mentioned above, there is a certificate issue with the latest modem update, this is preventing our Speed Check app from detecting your modem and thus letting you run a test from your modem. We hope to have this resolved in the next couple of days.

However, I just ran 6 separate tests from your modem and saw really good speeds in all of them but 1. Maybe this could be a Wi-Fi signal issue, I see that you are running these tests from an Android device, how far from your Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway are you standing? Are there any walls in between?



Yes, I saw ther certificate issue. This was in response to the "does it happen in the mornings, too?

I’m less than 8 feet from it with no walls between it and me. I’m currently in a 5th wheel camper, while we are building a house.

Hi @Sjaf,

Got it, thanks for the info.

I see that you have been using the “vsat-24g-939734” Wi-Fi network when running tests from your phone, which is a network that uses a 2.4 GHz network.

It might be worth it to try a Wi-Fi network that uses a 5.0 GHz network. Does your Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway offer any other Wi-Fi network to connect to? Maybe a “vsat-5g-939734” or something similar?

If possible, could you run 3 tests in each and share the results with us? You can just share all the results at the end if you go to the results history tab in the Speed Check app and click the green downward arrow button to export the results into a CSV file, which you can then share with us. See images below:

Hi @Sjaf,

I also noticed that you are almost out of priority (full-speed) data, so I will go ahead and add some more to your account (free-of-charge), to continue troubleshooting.