Problems with the internet

When i called viasat to find out a pricing and see if they run in my area, the guy told me $100 a month. i also told the guy that we had no phone signal and were going to rely strictly on the internet. i proceeded to tell him that we watched a lot of hulu and netflix and sometimes my boyfriend plays his video games. he told us that the plan he picked would be perfect for us and that we should have no issue for it. so, listening to guy, we signed up for it.

For starters, the “high speed internet” wasn’t high speed whatsoever. we’ve had issues with it since the day we got it. Next, we went through the high speed internet within 3 days of having it. With that being said- we used the standard and then realized that absolutely nothing worked on it. We also have a baby that needs to fall asleep to some kind of noise, so having no internet or phone signal wasn’t going to work for us. i then proceeded to up our plan and the description told me that it was for streaming videos and tv. so i am now paying $200 a month and we havnt even gone through the whole month and we are already out of the internet.

all of this was false advertisement- not to mention you make us sign a 2 yr contact with out mentioning that the standard data doesn’t work at all.

so tonight after trying to restart our modem 100 times, i called the help line. i told her i was disappointed and that nothing worked. i proceeded to tell that i didn’t want to spend anymore money considering im already spending $200 a month for horrible internet. she proceeded to try to sell me the office plan- horribly explained what it was as well, and than tried to sell me data boosts. so not only horrible internet but also horrible customer service!

i then decided to hop on here and read the issues that other people have and it seems to be the same exact as mine. you would think that after so many people complain about it, it would change!

EXTREMELY disappointed with the false advertisement and the horrible customer service. I will make sure to go out of my way to let people know that this internet company is a joke!

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Your story sounds EXACTLY like mine!! Although I was never told there was 100 GB cap on my high-speed even though they knew I was going to be working from home on a VPN which used it in two days. Plus, no one ever told me about a two-year contract they say I signed it. I never signed anything, I am very upset and now they tell me it’s going to cost me over $300 to get out of it when they told me I could cancel anytime!! Definitely FALSE advertising!!!

I was never told there was a limit or “allowance” as they say, on how much high speed internet we have. Viasat is a JOKE and i definitely wish i took the time to read the review.

Hello @hallebinger457 and @astacy10 ,

We apologize for the experience you’ve had with Viasat.

Here on the Forum we focus on solving technical issues, so whenever you have time, please call Customer Care for Residential Customers at 855-463-9333.

Thank you,