Price going up?

Okay… I just got an email that says starting in June…viasat is raising prices…not sure how much…but I’m fixing to get really frustrated with this company…

We are a technical team and so not often privy of price and plan changes but are also interested in helping wherever we can. How is your service in general and are there areas you wish would improve that we might be able to help with?

Yes… I know who you are… I was pitching a fit about my Data saver and not getting a 500gb plan that is available elsewhere…now I’m finding out that they are going to start charging more…

If y’all really want to help…FIND A WAY TO GET ME THE 500GB PLAN FOR 299

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I always considered Data Saver removal as a Price Increase.

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I can see that it feels that way @RealJohnGault but it was not the intention. I really hope we can evolve a better version of the feature as this forum’s user community is showing how clearly beneficial it can be.

Peter, I fully believe the intent.
I think this was a decision made without considering All ramifications - especially the Downside on unhappy Customers.
The Good News - the Admin Team is really making great strides to resolve.
I thank you for all your support and effort.

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Hi @bigscratch2112 ,

We are very sorry for the delay in our message.

We looked at plans offered in your area and we confirmed that the one you are on is the best available to you from what we can tell. That said, we do technical troubleshooting on this forum so are not the authorities on plan changes so you may want to call customer support for a definitive answer on that.

At the same time, we’re hoping that the Data Saver Feature Experiment (that you now have enabled) will help reduce your usage. We know that data usage is one of the biggest pain points for customers on this forum and so we’re always looking for feature ideas that will improve this.


Well… honestly they should offer that plan to ALL customers…the fact that they don’t is straight up shady… I’ll just Bide my time