Plan changes and take my money

Is it normal for a company to take money for plans that no longer exist?

Hi @Hberegsasy ,

We are very sorry for any issues you are having with your plan currently, and we’re here to help with any technical issues. Could you kindly provide us with more details on what is happening exactly?


The plan i was one when i signed up 3 years ago was at a rate or $150/month. That was for 45 GB of priority data amd then unlimited after. I found out the other day randomly checking the app for errors in the system that new plans had come out in my area. And that my current plan was no longer offered. In fact the new plans were one at a rate $99/month for unlimited. And the another at $69.99/month for 60GB per month. Why was i not offered those. Or at least made aware of new plans since mine was being eliminated. Im then told by customer service that its all my fault because I didnt check sooner.

Often companies do this with out warning, Like cable companies will have what they call “Legacy” plans that you are on that are not made sold to new customers anymore. Word of warning, tho, If you change plans any discounts you had will go away with also never being able to go back to that plan as well!

Hi @Hberegsasy,

Our Unleashed plan is brand new, and we have just started promoting it. I agree with you that it would be best for customers to know about optimal plan offerings as soon as possible.

Thanks for your feedback, we are working to improve our processes to deliver a better experience.