Pathetic speeds at all times

I have been a customer for almost a month now. I didn’t have much choice since not much is available where I live. I didn’t expect fiber type speed but this service is just barely better than dial up. A real disappointment. Calling any of the service high speed is a joke. My cell service loads and performs better than Viasat and thats with with just two bars! I deeply regret signing up.

Hi @t.kubajak,

Sorry about this experience.

Could you please tell us more about the symptoms/issues you have experienced using your Viasat Internet? That way we will know what exactly to go after.

Your account looks healthy, I see these speeds at the moment:



Terrible service So slow Can’t even watch Hulu with nothing else on but that

Hi @Kendall.kalmus ,

Slow speeds can't watch Hulu I’ve created this thread in order to better track your case.