Outtage March 2024

Called in to tech support about internet not working. It’s been 4 days now and they can’t tell me/don’t know what is going on with the network on their side. Only offering a credit for the days that the internet is out. I’m sorry but I work and attend school from home. This is the longest the internet has ever been out. I am refusing to pay my bill because I may lose a job that I just started because of the shenanigans I’m being put through by this company.

Hi @Whitney_Thomas,

Sorry about this experience. I believe our engineers are already working to restore the service as soon as possible.

I will look into getting an update on this one and report back here.



Hi @Whitney_Thomas,

Looking closer at your account, I don’t see an outage. I see other accounts on the same service area working fine. It looks like you modem went offline on March 29 at around 2:15pm.

Can you please reboot your modem? You will just need to unplug it for about a minute and then plug it back in, then wait until the LED light on it becomes solid blue.

Please let me know if that helps




That actually worked. Please revisit my last calls and educate the representatives including the supervisors. None of them suggested this and made me believe that there was an outtage for 3 days now. My internet is fine now.

Thanks again


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Hi, @Whitney_Thomas,

Thanks for the feedback, we’re glad the internet is working fine now.

We’ll review this case with the team, there was some miscommunication around a previous outage case, sorry about that.