Outrageous amount of data usage

Please bring back the data extender. We have used an unbelievable amount of data just watching a movie. This is criminal. I see that Viasat has also change their plans offering more data for less money just to suck us into another 2 year contract.

In response to the customers who are asking to get the Video Data Extender back, we are starting a new Data Saver Feature Experiment that involves re-enabling the feature and providing a private forum to share experiences with it. The idea is that we can work with customers to evolve a better version of the capability that will have the data savings and reduce the incidence of videos buffering/pausing that so many have complained about. Are you interested to hear more about it? If so I will message you privately.



Yes i am interested in anything to help slow data usage

@mmicciche As you’re participating in the data saver feature experiment, we’re considering that to be a solution to this forum topic.