One webadress not working on wifi

Since yesterday we cannot access a bank via our wifi at home. Not via chrome not bank app. All other internet, other banks, newspapers, streaming is working fine. We have Asus lyra trio mesh network. Bank support says it is not on them. No change has been made at the network recently, and we have been using bank via wifi for years. Network have been restarted but no change. Any suggestions to help us?

Hi @Mats_Falk,

Did you try using a different browser apart from Chrome?

When you try to use it from your laptop, is the bank’s website not working at all, or does it just not work when you try to log in? And if you don’t mind me asking, what bank site is it? I can try to replicate the issue from our Viasat setup at the office.

Not working at all. Works fine over 5g

Den tors 29 juni 2023 16:30Nacho via Viasat - Support Forum <> skrev:

Hi, @Mats_Falk,

That’s strange. Did you try using different browsers?

If you don’t mind, could you send us the website address (url)?

You can send me over a private message if you preffer