Office hours add-on

Well I was not going to review this but since I got an email insisting that I should here we go.

First office hours was added without our knowledge and build to us. We didn’t catch it for a month. By the time we noticed the increase in her bill, it had already been charged to the next month. After spinning far too long dealing with your customer service, we were finally able to get a pittance paid back and the office hours add-on terminated.

The best I have been able to figure out is during a previous call. When are transmitter/ receiver went out a week after it was installed. It was added then when they were trying to reimburse us for not having any internet for 9 days as the maintenance people just randomly didn’t show up and try to reschedule without informing us.

But credit where it’s due. Apparently the transmitter satellite thing was just bad from the get-go and it was no one’s real issue. When the maintenance man did come out he was fast, thorough and well knowledged. The calls have all been good. However, this was the only time office hours add-on could have been added on as it wasn’t present and are very first bill.

While I’m sure it is a decent enough service, how about we don’t add it to household accounts and then barely pay back the amount that was paid into it when it was added without our knowledge?

That’d be great. Thanks!

Hi, @Jute,

Sorry for the bad experience!

I saw that the Office Hours was added on 5 August, and removed on 3 September.

Here in the forum we are focused on providing technical support, so for billing and account issues the customer care line is the best choice (tel. 855-463-9333).

In any case, I’ll escalate your case to the responsible personnel, and if I have any other feedback I let you know.

And if you eventually have any technical issues, please let us know. We’ll be glad to help you.


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I understand, but if I hadn’t received this email

I wouldn’t have given any feedback on it at all since I can considered it handled. But if y’all wanted it reviewed so badly I figured I would oblige.

Regardless, thank you for your time and how you would have handled it.

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Hi @Jute,

Thanks for the feedback we definitely appreciate it! And sorry about the billing issues you experienced.

Office Hours is a relatively new service add-on, so we are gathering feedback to learn how to improve it all around.



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