Nothing working today:/

Internet has been very strange today. It worked for a few hours, now I’m constantly being kicked off everything. I’m not even able to run a speed test today. I received a Latency Test Error message when trying. Weather is completely clear today as well.

Hi, @Nicholas_LaMorte,

Thanks for the message. I’ll investigate that now. When I find out something about I’ll let you know.

Appreciate it! It’s back to running now but has been on and off. Seems to hover mostly around 8-10mbps on the new plan with occasional good spikes, but a lot of spikes down.

Just an update. It has continued to happen the past few days. We have lost internet a couple times and even now it’s down to .7mbps download(1.87 modem) via the speed test. This all started happening ever since switching to the unlimited plan.

Hi @Nicholas_LaMorte

Sorry about that :confused:

We couldn’t find anything inherently wrong in your setup (hardware, antenna, etc.)… but it may be possible that your current modem is having difficulty working with the new ‘Unleashed’ plan.

I got halfway between the Unleashed range of 25Mbps – 100Mbps on the modem while running tests on your account:

Whenever you have time, could you check with the folks at Customer Care (855-463-9333) whether a newer modem is needed on your specific case, for the Unleashed plan?

Also, are you using the modem with the ARIA Router, like before? Can you try disconnecting the ARIA and using only the modem? (If possible, please also run a few speedchecks when you unplug the ARIA.)

Maybe the Router is causing some bottleneck. :thinking:

I’ll try without the Aria first thing tomorrow, out of town for the day. I’ll lyk once I run a few tests with it!

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Unfortunately I have not had time to disconnect the router as I have been working non stop. I’ve had early meetings the past 2 days and last night I lost internet. Tonight it’s been twice(without internet at this time).

I’ll try and run the test without the router ASAP. Are we able to look into why my internet has gone out at night completely? weather has been clear.

Hi @Nicholas_LaMorte ,

Your modem was offline early this morning, but not last night. This occurred due to bad weather in your area, it even affected other customers.

Regarding last night, it’s possible that your speeds were exceptionally slow, which may have given you the impression that your modem was offline.

Once you run the tests, we’ll be here to assist you in improving your experience.