Not receiving full speed throughput

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Hello @n4ntp2 , I’m Gregório with the technical team here at the forum. I’d be happy to try and assist you with resolving this issue, so I’m creating this new thread to have more visibility on your case.

I’m going to check your account on our end, but could you please perform an advanced speed check as per this guide (How to run a speed test from my modem?) and share the results with us?

Thank you,


hello Gregorio
test results are ping 677 download 12.2 jitter 3 upload 4.8 from device check. modem check was download 14.17 upload 4.6


hello @n4ntp2

Since you said you prefer to be assisted over email, I’ll be solving this thread in the forum and will reply to your emails shortly in order to assist you.