Not good service, HORRIBLE SPEEDS

This has got to be the worst speed, nothing ever has been this bad. Pathetically slow speed ALL THE TIME. I didn’t even use this horrible service for the past TWO MONTHS. Verizon box is MUCH BETTER. I’ll be leaving this company, they SUCK, NOTHING MORE TO SAY

Hi @David_Wilbert ,

We are sorry about the bad experience you’ve had. If you change your mind, our team of engineers is happy to help troubleshoot any technical issues to provide you with the best service possible.

Thank you,

Hi @David_Wilbert,

I took a look at your account and think that your equipment might be disconnected?

Like Avner said above, our team of engineers is happy to troubleshoot technical issues, so we can continue diagnosing the problem if you help us by reconnecting the equipment and/or providing more details about the issue that you initially experienced.



It has been disconnected for a while because I haven’t been on the property. However, it is the SAME problem from the very beginning of connection. It takes an extremely long time for the router to turn on, for the lights to turn blue. Then when they do, the connection is horrible, very slow and throttles continually. - even for internet connection only… from a laptop. I, 100% of the time have to use my cell phone Hotspot which is much faster than your service… from day one when service was first connected… horrible service.

Hi @David_Wilbert,

Thank you for your feedback.

Do you plan on returning to the property soon to reconnect the equipment so we can
run our diagnosis?
We need to have the equipment connected in order to troubleshoot the issues
you’re facing and also to provide you with more detailed information.

Thank you,

It’s connected now. It’ll show you high speed and no problem, I’m sure…

Thanks @David_Wilbert for reconnecting it.

I still see your modem as offline. What is the color on your modem’s LED light? Is it solid or blinking?

Is the coax cable coming from the antenna properly connected to your modem? (Coax cable pictured below)

Light goes from red to blue to red… continually changes…

@David_Wilbert I see.

And could you please confirm that the cable coming from the antenna is properly connected to the modem? If you already checked that, then I can request a technician visit to get your modem back online.

Thanks for your patience.

Also @David_Wilbert , if you could keep the equipment connected, that would be great. Because I’m escalating your issue for another team to attempt diagnosing/fixing it remotely.

It’s all connected properly

Hi David,

Our modem team asked me to try one final thing before scheduling the technician visit - could you please try factory resetting your modem by pressing and holding (for 10 seconds) this button in the picture below?
image (74)

Once you do please use the browser on your computer to reach your modem by entering this address in the URL bar - - if you are able to reach the modem page please send me a screenshot of it.