No longer a customer

I think these emails shouldn’t be coming to me?

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Ok we will make sure you are removed from the list.

I would like for someone at your company to send me the tracking number for the UPS package I sent back since UPS says it was delivered and your company says it was not, I do not have a receipt for this shipment so don’t have a tracking number, please have someone send it to me so I can track it on my end. I did call the recover department but no return call?

Hi @Nisbet ,

We’ll get in touch with the team that handles these and once we have any updates we will let you know.


Hello @Nisbet

Not sure you need the tracking number because I checked with the team responsible for equipment returns and they confirmed that we received your modem and Tria! It should show up in our system in 1-2 days so you should be all set.