No internet since new billing cycle

Since my new billing cycle we have not been able to connect any streaming services on our tv will get one or to movies to load if we’re lucky. This is with standard internet not high speed last month standard worked great no problems our high speed data runs out the 1st or 2nd day but this month unable to even watch anything very frustrating and getting this internet was a huge mistake on my end I didn’t research this company and I’m really regretting sign up.

Edit to add photo it finally load a movie but still lagging

Hi @cecepadilla,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Upon taking a look at your account I noticed that you’ve been receiving
good speeds compared to your plan.

Do you experience bad connectivity only while using streaming services?
Also, what streaming services do you usually access?

Thank you,

We use Hulu tubi max peacock YouTube pretty much everything and it will continue to say check connectivity or will say not connected

Hi @cecepadilla,

I noticed that the speed test you sent doesn’t have Viasat as
ISP. Based on that I’d like to ask you to proceed with the following steps:

1 - Question: Do you have a bad connectivity experience only while using streaming services or also in other scenarios?
2 - Make sure you’re connected to Viasat
3 - Run a SpeedCheck test following this tutorial for us to have all the metrics we need: How to run a speed test from my modem?
4 - Run a test on
5 - Share with me both test results from steps 3 and 4.

Thank you,

Hi @cecepadilla,

The SpeedCheck result you shared
was taken while you were not connected to Viasat, and you shared the same one again in your last reply.

I need you to take another test, now connected to Viasat, and we need the test from the modem too.

You’ll need to use the Viasat browser, go to the Viasat speed check app, and run the test.

You can see all the instructions on the tutorial here: How to run a speed test from my modem? - Slow Speeds - Viasat Support Forum

It’s important for us to see the information/results from your modem.

Thank you,

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Hi, @cecepadilla,

There was something wrong during the upload and the photos were not sent.

Could you try again? That kind of error happens when we sent the message before the image fully loads

Thanks for your cooperation!