No internet at my property

Not really sure why I have to handle reporting an internet issue this way via a forum and not with one phone call to Viasat like I tried on Saturday 1/27 and today is 1/31…but here goes - This home is an Airbnb rental in a remote mountain area. The guest staying there reported (via text, there is no signal without internet to make a phone call) that the internet was not working properly, either not at all or very slowly. I contacted Viasat at that point and they said I should hear from a technician to schedule a service call (the dish is misaligned according to MyViasat app) but instead I have to fill this out on in this forum. I need a technician to visit the property and fix the issue. This is absolutely ridiculous that it historically takes up to two weeks to get an issue resolved with Viasat.

Hi @Roundhouse ,

We are a team specialized in technical support here in the forum, so we might be able to help with the issue quicker.

I’ll need more information before we can proceed, so I’ve sent you a direct message.


Have not heard back from anyone after sharing the account number. I still don’t have service at my home. I really need a technician to come. How can I do that? I thought this forum would accomplish this but have not heard back.

Hi @Roundhouse,

Sorry about the slow reply.

I just ran a speed test from your modem and see that the speeds are great at this time (so your modem is definitely online):

However we also see some offline events that have been happening in the last week or so. We’ll look further into them and post an update here.



Yes, the issue is that our most recent guest could not stream video on the tv or use her tablet off and on but mostly not at all. It’s intermittent. The viasat app said the dish was misaligned. We have another guest arriving on 2/7 and I would like this issue resolved by that time please.

Hi @Roundhouse,

Like I said over the private message, we observed some strange offline events caused by network errors on your account and escalated the issue to the appropriate team. They just let us know that there was an issue affecting speeds in your service area and that it has been fixed already, so we believe that the main issue has been addressed.

Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on your account to see that there aren’t any other issues in the next couple of days.



Thank you for keeping an eye on it - our next guests arrive on 2/7 and I hope they will encounter no issues. I’ll check back in a few days for an update.

Hi @Roundhouse

To clarify, you did have a service call requested by the Customer Care Agent on the phone call from January 27.

There is currently no coverage in your area for this tech visit, which is why I believe the Customer Care Agent may have redirected you to the Forum so we could put in a request to expedite this directly with the Field Team (which we have). :slight_smile:

They are getting in contact with the technicians who cover your specific network area and as soon as they have a date available, the team will call you.

Sorry for the misunderstanding and also for the delay.

For the good news, your service seems to be back with good speeds after the last time we spoke (currently above your plan’s max speeds of 12 Mbps):

Lastly, as you’ve mentioned having guests who use your Wi-Fi, the 12 Mbps plan you currently have may not be enough for a lot of devices or many people (and I see that your high-speed data allowance often runs out before the billing cycle).

It looks as though your account has 2 other options:

When you have some free time, the Customer Care Agents could better inform you as to which plan will be best for many guests/devices and enough high-speed data. :wink:

Hi @Roundhouse

It seems your tech visit was scheduled for this morning but the Field Operations team could not reach you at the contact info we have on file.

Could you confirm for us a phone number and/or email address?
Thank you!

Oh my goodness, there was absolutely no communication that a tech would visiting except that I had a voicemail one day prior that was indecipherable (garbled, no indication it was from Viasat) that said something about 8 to 11 AM but I did not recognize the number and I thought it was a spam call. This has never been communicated to me with any heads up that there would be a tech coming out. The phone number that they called is accurate but a heads up of more than one day is certainly warranted because this is a rental home and I live 300 miles away and have to make arrangements for someone to meet a technician there. This is my correct email (please use the first one) and phone number below.

Furthermore, I was told on this chat in an earlier thread that the problem was resolved so I had no idea a tech was still needed.

Please let me know what I need to do to ensure that the internet is working properly.

Thank you,

Hi @Roundhouse

I see that the Field Team called you earlier today to re-confirm this visit, were you able to get in touch with them?

Unfortunately your tech visit had no coverage before, so I assume they opened the slot and forgot to call you beforehand, my apologies!

I’ve asked them to try again and see another date if possible, due to the distance of the property.

Sorry about the misunderstanding!

Sorry for the delayed response, I was out of office for several days with no internet connection. I will reach out via the phone number that was texted to me to schedule a tech visit. Thank you.

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Hi @Roundhouse

I just got word that there is a potential scheduled date of February 24th (afternoon) for you, please see if you’ve received a voicemail and or/text from the Field Ops team. :slight_smile:

I have not received a phone call about that date but yes, please, the internet is still not working.

Hi @Roundhouse

All right, I’ve informed the Field Ops team that this date works for you! :+1:

Awesome, thank you so much! Just a reminder that I live 5 hours away and I’ll have to hire someone to be there at the home. Do you know what time/time range?

Also, what recourse is there that I reached out on 1/30 and we have been paying for internet that not working for almost a month? Will the bill be credited for that time span?

They had offered Feb 24th between 2 PM and 5 PM (local time).
I’ve emailed them to confirm this offer and I’ll let you know if they give the OK :slight_smile:

I believe a credit can be added to your account for this period, yes.

Here on the Forum we deal mostly with technical issues so I’m unable to help with that, but the agents at Customer Care (855-463-9333) can probably assign you a credit after the service call is completed.

Ok, thank you! And I’m curious why Viasat handles internet issues requiring a technician like this? Meaning, why does this service request have to go through a forum, why could the account representative who I called initially not just schedule an appointment to resolve this expediently? It has been very frustrating to get this issue resolved and honestly if I had a better option in the area I would change companies. Anytime I have ever had to report an issue for this home or our other home that is next door, it has literally taken multiple calls and much time to get a technician out. I do appreciate your help and I’m not upset with you, just very frustrated.

Hi @Roundhouse

Most service calls (like yours) are created by Customer Care agents. It seems like there weren’t many technicians available in your area when your order was created by the representatives (January 27), which delayed the scheduling of your service call. Our Forum team followed up on the work order to get a better understanding of its status.

Eventually, once a technician was available, they tried to contact you to offer that first date but couldn’t reach you. They tried again earlier today without success, so I saw the notes from the technician and reached out to you here on the Forum to inform the date they had – after you confirmed this date was OK, I reached back to the Field Operations team. :slight_smile: