No connectivity on apple devices

Post created to track @greenhousehouse’s issue

Hi @greenhousehouse ,

We’ll relay your issues to our specialists so they can further investigate. If we need additional information or if we have any updates we’ll let you know here.


Hi @greenhousehouse,

We are trying to replicate the issue on our side, does the message look like this on your iPhone?


If you could send us a few screenshots that would be great.

Thanks for your patience,


@greenhousehouse in the other thread, your issue started with the “weak security” warning and then when we updated the modem, it became the “no internet connection” issue, which others have reported and that we have not been able to root cause despite quite a bit of work on it to date.

Three questions would be very helpful:

  1. Please confirm that what you are seeing is what Nacho is showing in the screenclip.
  2. Did you have the “No Internet Connection” problem back when you had the “weak security” warning? Or, did this issue truly begin when your modem was updated to fix the weak security issue? If so that might be a clue to the root cause that we can pursue.
  3. Other users have reported this say that the “No Internet Connection” issue have reported that the message doesn’t in fact mean that they have no connection to the Internet. Its more that it seems like an inaccurate message but that when they try to access something online on their iPhone they are able to, which means that in fact they do have Internet. Is that what you are seeing?

Thanks for very for help on this.


I can connect to Wifi and get the Weak Security message. Usually going back out to the “General” menu and back into Wi-Fi menu will cause the “No internet” Error to reappear. But I’m also unable to refresh apps or use the Wi-Fi. When I used Xfinity, switching the network to WPA3 in the admin portal resolved this.

Hi @alissaddavila ,

Thank you very much for providing this information, that’s very valuable. Have you tried making the switch to wpa3 with your Viasat internet as well? How does it go?