New to Slow Speed from Sat

Just purchased Viasat 30Mbs and the tech advised to wait a day for my account/speeds to be adjusted to my plan from the satellite. today i’m getting 6.3Mbs upload and 0.4 download. After looking at this forum, there appears to be a strong case of false advertising by Viasat in which the Federal Trade Commission should be aware of.

Hi @badge135 ,

We are very sorry for that bad experience. We are a technical support team and we’ll investigate what might be causing those slow speeds. We’re currently making an in-depth analysis of your issue and as soon as we have any updates we’ll let you know.

Also, did you notice if the slow speeds happen all day long or if they happen during specific periods of the day?


this is happening all day

Hi @badge135,

I see a slight improvement today in the speeds in your service area.

Could you please let us know if you see an improvement?- You can use to document your speeds and also run tests from your modem (which can help us rule out/confirm Wi-Fi issues). Here are some instructions to use it: How to run a speed test from my modem?



Ok I’m filing an complaint with the FCC and the FTC for false advertising. this is ridiculous for the money I’m spending and I’m getting speeds well below what the package states

Hi @badge135,

Our analysis indicates that the bad speeds you have been experiencing are due to network congestion. I will escalate your case to a different customer care team, I will request them to call you to find a solution.

Thanks for your patience,


I’m through with this company. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY will be posted all over social media. And they will be investigated.

  1. spoke with sales rep explained 2 adults teleworking streaming and one child playing on-line videos and streaming. Viasat 30Mbs/300gbs is perfect for our needs he told me!
  2. start off with slow speeds cannot barely operate
    3)have rep call me they will have a service call to my location to check everything out, they will waive the $95 charge and reduce my bill by $100 each month for a year…All lies
    a. day of service receive a text 'this is Bryan, checked your service everything looks good, do you
    still need a service call? So there was never a “free service call” Yes speeds were good until
    about 1900 when speeds went back down 4mbps and 2-3 mbps. Its Yo-Yo speeds…some
    hours good, some hours bad
    b. Received and paid 1st bill, which by the way, was only a week of poor service. Why I was
    charged a full month of service for $222 baffles me??? Plus there was never a $100 credit.
    Lesson learned…get everything in writing from this company!!!
    4)With my old broadband service, which was a tad slower what I’m experiencing now, I barely lost Dish service during storms and movies had clear pictures with minor buffering once in a while. With Viasat, rain clouds move into area and lose service. on clear days, Dish movies have blurred pictures, then clear, then blurred, and then after about 15 minutes, buffers, and then the routine repeats. Blurred, clear, blurred, buffer
    5)Asked son who has fios how much gbs does he use in a month (2 adults teleworking /streaming /gaming) he advised from 195-210 GBs per month. 300GBs per month should be more than enough. I have 15 days left in my billing cycle and only 150gbs left. Hmmmm, something doesn’t seem right here…same houshold and usage…fios 195-210gbs for 30 days…Viasat 15 days 150gbs used.

Hi @badge135,

I’m sorry that you have been having such a bad experience with Viasat. We want to help and in order to do that I am going to separate what you’ve explained to us into a few different issues.

  • For this thread, the main issue seems to be intermittent speeds.
  • I have started a new thread regarding your data usage. You can find a link to that here.
  • In terms of the credit you mentioned, I will reach out to our Billing Team in order to get an update from them.

Thank you,

Well Folks, don’t expect anything great from Viasat in the near future…

The reflector malfunction on Viasat’s newly launched ViaSat-3 Americas satellite (see [2307130003]could have a “pronounced effect” on the company’s overall growth trajectory as the satellite was to bring exponentially more network capacity to its already capacity-constrained existing satellites, S&P Global said Monday. It now appears unlikely Viasat will return to subscriber growth in the next couple of years, S&P Global said.