New Rates, Over charged

I clearly don’t understand, why being a customer, We were being charged 149.99 for 60gb. When the new plans rolled out were 69.99 for 60gb. Why on earth, did we pay for several months, until I noticed, the high price. This is surely Is not correct. Please Help

Hello @jenkins2490

Are you referring to the plan you previously had before October 09,
“Unlimited Silver 25”?

I checked your address and there is indeed a new plan of 25 Mbps / 60GBs for the price of $69.99:

However, your previous plan was from April of 2021, and it seems like these plans weren’t available back then. :confused:

Yes, I changed to 150, when I realized I have been paying 149.99 for 60gb. Now I pay 149.99 for 150gb. The new plans came out in January 2023. I paid 149.99 for 60gb, when it should of been 69.99. Why did I pay 80 dollars more for 9 months. Thanks

Hi again @jenkins2490

I understand your frustration, however, it’s not a standard practice with any internet service providers to contact customers about new plans when those are available… Any new plans available specifically to your contract are shown on MyViasat, and you can check over there regularly.

You also have to keep in mind that sometimes the plans showing up on when you input your ZIP code are only available for new customers – and then later rolled out to current customers.

I understand what you say is a standard practice, We had Frontier before you and not once did we have to go to the web site. Frontier left our area, thats why we went to you. This is fraud on you part. By the way, I was on MyViasat when I found the new prices. Paying 80 dollars more for 9 months is just fraud.

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