New customer pricing question

Hi there,

For new customer pricing is it possible to upgrade to 25Mbps and keep the new customer discount or does any change in plan cause the discount to be dropped.


Hi @bv1717 !

The change will drop the discount, it will have to be manually re-added.

Hi @Nathalia

Thanks for confirming if possible can we do it via the forums for the change and applying back the stream saver beta or would I need to call into retentions to apply it manually. Also if you would happen to have the number for them instead of having to go through the phone menu tree and waiting for a rep to transfer me.

I do also understand if it isn’t possible via the forums since mostly it is staffed by Engineers.


Hi @bv1717 ,

You mean the Data Saver Feature, right? That add-on is only managed by us here on the Forum Team so we can re-add it for you right away after you’ve changed plans – or, in the case of your Viasat Modem not being replaced, the Feature will stay on by default. In either case, you can let us know here and we’ll reactivate the Feature if need be. :slight_smile:

Actually, you can change plans on the MyViasat app/website, besides the normal route of calling Customer Care.

We on the Forum team can’t change your plan manually due to legal disclaimers that have to be read and agreed with, due to it being a whole new contract.

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